The CUTEST Sheet Masks: Unitouch Miss O Facial Masks

I normally do not dedicate a full review/blog post on sheet masks, but I love these sheet masks so much that I have to dedicate a full review blog post on them! First of all, how cute are these masks?!?!?! I have never seen sheet masks this cute haha…No wonder they’ve been posted all over Instagram!

About the brand

The brand, Unitouch, is a Taiwanese brand that fully uses natural plant essence oils instead of chemically-synthesized oils. They have 4 lines of products: Perfection Perfect Series, Garden Series, So What?! Series, and Miss O Oh Lala Series. The masks that I am reviewing here are 4 of the 5 masks in the Miss O Oh Lala series.

My New FAVORITE Sheet Masks!!

With any sheet masks, I always feel that you can’t see a significant difference (besides moisturization) after only 1 use. With that said, here I will talk only about how these masks feel when I applied them on my skin.

Before I go deeper into the masks, let’s talk about why these are my new favorite masks:

Firstly, I have always loved sheet masks that are thin (the “almost-invisible” kind of thin) and flexible (i.e. easy to fit onto my small face). These Unitouch Miss O sheet masks are thin enough to be flexible to fit onto the face but not so thin that I would worry about ripping it while unfolding it. Essentially, these sheet masks are just the right thickness for me.

Secondly, with other sheet masks that I have tried (and I have tried A LOT of sheet masks), the essence is always dripping from the masks while I was unfolding the masks. Unitouch Miss O sheet masks also have a lot of essence, but the essence doesn’t drip from the masks.

Now, let’s go on to the sheet masks…

Miss O Oh Lala Sheet Masks

This line of the Unitouch products contain 5 sheet masks, but I only purchased 4 of them:

Relax Facial Mask– This masks helps to clean and heal the skin. It has a natural and VERY subtle scent. Below are the main ingredients and their benefits to the skin:

– Citrus Paradisi Extracts: this is basically grapefruit extracts, which contains natural antibacterial and antioxidant properties.
– Avina Sativa Extracts: Oat extracts, which helps fight inflammation, soothes the skin, and moisturizes the skin.
– 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Extracts: This is a stable Vitamin C ingredient that helps whiten and brighten the skin, as well as protects the skin from ultraviolet B damage and improves collagen formation in the skin.

Good Night Facial Mask– Hydrates and brightens the complexion. The main ingredients include

– Lavandula Angustifolia extracts: lavender plant extracts, containing soothing and calming properties for the skin, as well as antibacterial properties.
– VITIS VINIFERA EXTRACTS: Grape Seed extracts, containing natural antioxidants
– SODIUM HYALURONATE EXTRACTS: sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, which keeps the skin well-hydrated that then slows down aging.

Makeup Facial Mask – This mask is meant to be used before putting on makeup. It looks like the primary ingredient is water, but it also includes ingredients like Butylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol that thins out the viscosity of the essence on the mask. I mentioned this mask is meant to be used before putting on makeup, which for me usually means in the morning. However, since I never have time in the morning for a face mask, I used this at night, just like the other masks. It’s as good as the other masks, but I can’t say that it feels like a primer or anything like that- so I think this mask can be used at night too.

Outdoor Facial Mask – This mask is meant to be used to soothe the skin after being out in the sun all day. Like the Makeup Facial Mask, the primary ingredient is water, with thinning ingredients like Butylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol. Since I am rarely outside in the sun for long enough to get sunburnt skin or anything like that, I used this mask under “normal” circumstances- not with sunburnt skin. The mask feels like the other Unitouch Miss O masks; I didn’t feel anything special, compared to the other Unitouch Miss O masks.

So that is it for my full review of the Unitouch Miss O Facial Masks. I purchased these masks from Beautibi using the links below. I would recommend you to try these masks and let me know your thoughts!

Relax Facial Mask:

Stay Beautiful!!!


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