About Me

Hi Beauties!


Growing up, I was one of those lucky people who did not get acne more than the occasional one or two hormonal zits. It does not mean that I had perfect skin though! I always had a dry flakey nose and a few whiteheads (white bumps on my skin that do not hurt and are not yet acne). Several years ago I started trying different skincare products to get better skin- I got an allergic reaction to a western brand (not going to name the brand) that left me with a lot of hyper-pigmentation on my face. That was when my journey with Asian, specifically Korean, skincare started. I started learning about and trying Korean skincare products and found that it is gentle enough for my skin as normally they don’t contain alcohol.

Although I have always loved wearing makeup, I believe that makeup is only a temporary solution to your skin problems as it only covers up your skin problem, not heal it. I believe that having good skin is a more permanent solution. Of course, skincare is an investment- and money does not grow on trees. That is why, most of the Asian skincare products that I try are affordable products.

Other than skincare, I also love writing, which is why creating a beauty blog makes sense for me to do! My other hobbies include singing and dancing.

So, that is all about me in a nutshell. I’d love to hear from you, my readers! I welcome, no encourage, you to comment on any of my post, or even better, contact me through the “Contact Me” page and introduce yourself! I welcome any product ideas, blogging ideas, and collaboration ideas.

Stay Beautiful!!

Ai For Beauty