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If you follow me on my Instagram (@aiforbeauty), you might have seen a couple posts I have on the Peripera’s AIRY Ink Velvet Lip Tints. To avoid confusion, let me just mention that Peripera has the original Ink Velvet lip tints and the AIRY Ink Velvet lip tints, which are the ones I am reviewing here. Shereen Meiyee from Beautyinhanguk personally hand-picked one of these tints for my Bespoke Box order a few months ago. I have tried Peripera’s other lip tints before (and posted a full review here), and I am not a fan of the other Peripera’s lip tints- but I really like these AIRY Ink Velvet tints.

Before I show you the different shades of these tints, lets talks about these tints in terms of the 3 attributes I always look for in lip products:

  1. Moisturizing
  2. Longevity
  3. Transferability

After that, I’ll talk about the shades and other attributes of the tints like texture, scent, taste, etc.


Lip tints are known to be drying…That’s not the case with Peripera’s AIRY Ink Velvet lip tints. They’re not drying but they’re not moisturizing like lip balms either. I have very dry lips that sometimes flake. I’ve read other reviews where the reviewers said these tints are good for dry lips because they make the lips look like they’re NOT dry. Unfortunately, I have to respectfully disagree to an extent. When my lips are just dry (not flakey), yes these lip tints “hide” the dryness. However, when my lips are flakey dry, even these lips tints cannot hide the dryness ? However, I still think these tints are still better than other tints in this aspect.


As you can see in the picture below, there was still some tint left 4 hours after application this was without re-application and after eating and drinking. The tint does tend to stick to the dry outline of my lips though, when my lips get dry during the day. At the end of my 10-hour workday, the tint was pretty much gone, without re-applying.



The picture above is meant to show that the tint doesn’t transfer much but make sure that you’ve blotted right after application and wait for the tint to dry on your lips, which usually takes only a minute. I noticed that if you touch your lips to anything immediately after applying the tints, there is more transfer of the tint.


The texture of these tints is my favorite aspect because Peripera’s AIRY Ink Velvet has that “airy” velvety texture on the lips, just like the name suggests! I had never come across any lip product with this texture before!

All of the shades have the same subtle floral scent…and taste! It tastes like rose – not that I intentionally tasted the product; I always accidentally get a little taste of it when I apply the product on my lips. If you don’t like having to inevitably taste the product, not sure you would like this.


Now that we’ve gotten all those details out of the way, let me show you the most fun part- swatches of the shades!!

Shade #1 Heart Grapefruit

I would describe this shade as a reddish-orange shade, which I think would look good on those with a warm skin tone.

Shade #2 Pretty Orange Pink

I think this is a more vibrant more orange-y shade than shade #1. I think this would look good on those with a warm skin tone that is lighter than mine. To be honest, this is probably my least favorite shade, just because it looks a bit too vibrant on me and I usually go for a natural everyday look. Maybe this is a shade that I can use or special occasions.

Shade #3 Sold Out Red

While shade #1 Heart Grapefruit is a reddish orange color, shade #3 Sold Out Red is an orange-ish red color. If you’re someone like me who wants your makeup to make a statement with a red shade but still look natural, I think this shade is for you.

Shade #4 Beautiful Coral Pink

This shade is more of a hot pink color that gives a more youthful look; although, on camera it looks more mauve-y.

Shade #5 Elf Light Rose

This is the most natural shade for my lips as it is the shade that is closest to my lip color (when I actually do have some natural color on my lips). I tend to reach out for this color the most for that natural makeup for work. I also think this shade works for skin tone with warm undertone, as well as skin tone with cool undertone. If your skin color is darker than mine though, this shade might make you look too washed out, in my opinion.


Overall, I do wish that these tints are more moisturizing and lasted longer. However, so far this is my third favorite lip tints out of all the lip tints I’ve ever tried! Which lip tint products are ranked #1 & #2 on my book? Stay tuned to my blog to find out!

What is your experience with these tints?

Which shade is your favorite?


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